Trevor Noah catches Wolf Blitzer bullying like a mean girl

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month, so Trevor Noah calls out one of the media’s biggest bullies: Wolf Blitzer. Typically, Trevor points out, a bully is “unpopular with kids his own age, has trouble doing his work, and shows little concern for other people’s feelings.” These are all qualities Trevor sees in Wolf, especially when he finds a victim like Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee.

Trevor shows a series of clips of Wolf interviewing Chafee, asking him questions like “Why bother right now?” and implying that he doesn’t have enough money to be a viable candidate. “Shaming someone because they’re poor—that’s bullying 101,” says Trevor, before launching into a stream clips of popular girls from films like Clueless and Pretty in Pink talking about how poor another student is. Trevor places Wolf in the midst of these clips in order to show how Wolf plays on the established tropes of high school bully films. “Hey Chafee, where’d you get that suit?” Trevor mocks. “Did a group of rodents sew it together so you could go to the debate ball?” Trevor keeps this up until he realizes he has begun bullying Wolf himself and decides to end the cycle of abuse, if he can.

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