Larry Wilmore takes issue with rich people playing the victim

[comedycentral id=”9fa7163c-3847-4845-8f80-e3bba54e18c8″]

Larry Wilmore reveals that in a recent report from The Guardian, therapists of the wealthy are claiming the rich are the real victims of income inequality. Citing feelings like, “not knowing if your friends are friends with you or your money,” feeling “more and more isolated,” and the awkwardness regarding “who should pay for dinner,” the therapists say the situation has gotten worse for the one percent as of late. “You’re saying they’re not happy in a system designed for their happiness?” asks Larry. “That’s like buying a ribbed-for-your-pleasure condom, and then being upset that you’re being pleased by ribbing.”

Trying not to rush to judgment, Larry wonders, “It’s not like these therapists are comparing the wealthy to other minority struggles, right?” But that’s exactly what they do. So, Larry brings out rich person Gillroy Leopold Danforth VI (Ryan Albanese) and his therapist (Jordan Carlos) to put things in perspective—that is, the appropriated perspective of the civil rights movement. Watch the video for their outrageous metaphors.

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