‘The Daily Show’ questions CNN’s claim Hillary won the debate over Bernie

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Trevor Noah reports that the numbers are in for the first national poll after the Democratic debate and Clinton has a commanding lead at 62 percent. But Trevor is more concerned with the cruel CNN graphic that gave Lincoln Chafee an asterisk. “You couldn’t give the man a zero?” he wonders, before moving on to the real problem with CNN’s coverage. According to the network, Hillary was the big winner of the debate, but Bernie Sanders won online, hands down. Trevor says he was so popular on the web, he was even trending on PornHub.

Despite Bernie’s popularity on the Internet, Hillary ruled television news media, causing some to speculate that Time Warner, which owns CNN and has also contributed to Clinton’s campaign, manipulated the coverage in her favor. This compels Trevor to claim his allegiance to Viacom, and distance himself as much as possible from the evil conglomerate Time Warner.

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For further news on the discrepancy between CNN’s coverage of Hillary and the Internet’s love for Bernie, Trevor goes to Jessica Williams at Bernie Sanders headquarters to discuss the mood. Williams says the mood if “pissy.” CNN said Hillary won the debate because she said what was politically convenient, but CNN failed to realize, as Jessica points out, that Bernie put some spin on his own words during the debate. In the question of his vote against immigration reform, his reasoning changed from what he said in 2007. “Bernie can be disingenuous, too!” says a hopeful Williams, and because Bernie has the ability to politic like everyone else, “that shows he can be our president!” and should be taken seriously as a candidate by the news media.

See more from last night’s episode here.


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