Larry Wilmore calls out Trump and Carson on their “hypothetical heroics”

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On the Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore addresses the feud between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush over Jeb’s brother George. Wilmore shows clips of Trump and Jeb battling it out over whether or not George W. Bush kept us safe during his presidency. Jeb insists nothing that happened while Bush was in office was his fault, but Jeb’s body language says something different during his interview with Jake Tapper. Wilmore says, “I’m not saying Jeb Bush doesn’t believe what he’s saying, I’m saying his body doesn’t.”

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Trump, meanwhile, suggested that by his immigration policies, he would have prevented 9/11, because the terrorists would have never gotten into the country. So, Wilmore starts a new segment called “Hypothetical Heroics”, which is “when people try to take credit for how brave they would have been.” He reminds us that Mark Wahlberg said if he were on the planes they never would have been hijacked. Wilmore reminds him, “You couldn’t even stop the Entourage movie from happening. In fact, you couldn’t even stop The Happening from happening!”

Wilmore moves on to “black Droopy the dog, Ben Carson,” who said he would have stopped the Oregon shooter by advising everyone in the vicinity to attack because he could not shoot them all at once. He also claimed to have been held up at a Popeye’s, before telling the robber he wanted the guy behind the counter. Larry responds, “So your idea of heroism is to shriek, ‘Go kill that guy!'” Wilmore goes on to remind Republicans that tragedy and triumphs happen in every presidency, so if they are going to blame Obama for Benghazi, they also have to blame bush for 9/11.

See Trevor Noah‘s take on the Trump/Bush feud.


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