Conan jokes about Jeb, Trump, and Oprah, then gets attacked by a drone

Still from TBS

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The late night talk shows on CBS and NBC are on hiatus, and Kimmel is in New York talking about the Mets, so since The Lanx is a proud supporter of the Chicago Cubs, Conan had the only monologue worth watching last night.

Conan talks about a high school student who hacked the AOL email of John Brennan, Director of the CIA, which must have been easy because “the password of anyone still using AOL is ‘password’.” Conan then takes some time to point out Jeb Bush’s lone fan in the audience. Jeb now has a contest where someone will be flown to Houston to meet him, his dad, and his brother. “No word on what the winner gets,” jokes Conan.

Watch the video for more topical satire and a bit of fun with a paparazzi drone.

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