Bill Maher parodies the Republican response to Bernie Sanders

real time bill maher bernie sanders
Still from HBO

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On Real Time this weekend, Bill Maher parodied the Republican understanding of the platform of democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders. Spurred by Donald Trump’s inflammatory insistence that Sanders is “gonna tax you people at 90 percent! He’s gonna take everything!” Maher edited a few clips from Bernie’s debate appearance to filter what he said through an extreme Republican bias.

What Bernie actually said on the use of military force was that he supported former President Clinton’s diplomatic approach to ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. According to Bill Maher, what Republicans heard was, “I will refocus our military on gardening and interpretive dance.” What he actually said on guns was, “Bernie sanders has a d-minus voting rating from the NRA.” But Republicans heard him say “that rifles are for men with small penises.”

Watch the video above for more.

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