This Week in ‘The Onion’: Presidential Candidates

the onion bernie sanders
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This week, The Onion‘s political satire parodied characteristics of a few of the more polarizing presidential candidates. The satire here relies on established tropes, based on well-known (though possibly fabricated) aspects of the candidates’ characters, that The Onion can return to frequently as the source of a joke (like their ongoing series on Biden).

Hillary is portrayed as having a one-track mind, singularly focused on her goal of taking over the White House, but also presumptuous and overconfident. Marco Rubio is under the thumb of the Koch brothers. Lindsey Graham is portrayed as a country yokel running his own campaign. Bobby Jindal is a stereotypical Indian American with overly demanding parents. Scroll down for the headlines.

Perhaps the best headline of the week, though, was, “Bernie Sanders Repeatedly Scolded For Attempting To Unionize Debate Moderators,” which plays on his uninhibited socialism. For more Bernie Sanders parody, see Larry David nail the impression on this week’s SNL.


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