The Daily Show compares fantasy sports to Wall Street

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Daily fantasy sports sites have been banned in Las Vegas, and Trevor Noah looks into the growing world of one-day fantasy games on sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel, which have not been classed as gambling sites because the legislation regulating fantasy sports does not include one-day games with no season long commitment. The FBI and Justice Department have launched an investigation, but Trevor says, “something tells me this is the result of FBI agents slacking off at work. ‘What? No. I wasn’t checking my fantasy team. I’m investigating!'”

Trevor goes on to show how fantasy sports is now becoming like Wall Street, with insider trading scandals, algorithms to pull players and give advantage, and rhetoric like “Buy low/ Sell high.” Jordan Klepper calls on his “Dude!” to stop the comparison and leave his fantasies alone, because “if I have no money at stake, I’d just be watching grown men giving each other brain damage.”

Watch the video above for the full report.

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