James Corden mocks the week

James Corden is everybody’s friend, even when he’s mocking them. His particular brand of jovial humor brings a light and genial tone to his biting critique, like the guy at the pub giving a playful ribbing to his friends, who is only as fierce as friendship allows.

Thursday, he dug into the presidential candidates. Ben Carson announced he would suspend his campaign, not, as Corden assumed, “because his views are archaic and he’s made offensive comments about slavery and Hitler,” but because he’s going on a book tour. Corden advised Carson, “You should suspend your campaign because you keep saying crazy things, not because you wrote those things down.” Corden also made fun of the dull career of Democratic nominee Lincoln Chafee, whose only scandal seems to be that he used taxpayer money to buy four frogs for his aquarium.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/y3VJWAWcujo”%5D

Wednesday, James reported that an Ohio church had ordered a $6 pizza and tipped the driver $1000. Corden imagined what it would be like to give an offering to that church. “You know what, they’ll use this to do good in the world. They’re not just gonna give this to the first person who walks through the – oh, come on!” He went on to comment on America’s ridiculous tipping culture, and tested the generosity of his audience by pausing for a bit of gratuity after his monologue.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/KezoOtbQ_WY”%5D

Tuesday brought the news that Playboy will no longer feature nude women in their magazines, and Corden was excited to joke that men would now actually read it “for the articles” before realizing that joke had been told by every single news source that reported on the story. The news was bittersweet for James, though, who always felt Playboy was there for him. “When I turned 13, Playboy was there. Later that day, Playboy was there. 30 minutes there, Playboy was there.”

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/kJiWycmvjgs”%5D

Monday was another election-heavy monologue. Corden, who is still new to this country, said he only just realized he wasn’t watching people run for president, but “watching people run to run for president.” Trump brought a Hispanic woman on the stage, then insisted that he had never met her, which is a line used by magicians since the beginning of time. Hillary now has Snapchat, and Obama made fun of Kanye. But Corden just wants to see all the candidates in a Big Brother house and fight to be the last candidate standing. “I would love to see the presidential candidates eating a plate of cockroaches…because it would be lovely to see something go into Ben Carson’s mouth that’s less disgusting than the things that come out of it.”

CBS did not make Corden’s Monday monologue available on Youtube, so here is a link to the full episode.



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