Stephen follows CNN’s lead in creating Biden fan fiction

The Democratic presidential debate is tonight, and CNN has given Vice President Joe Biden the option of joining the debate even if he announces his candidacy as late as today. The network is so eager to have him on the stage, they have made an extra podium available next to the stage to be grabbed at a moments notice.

In a clip, CNN’s Jim Acosta “imagines news” of how that last minute entrance might play out, explaining how Biden would fly in from Las Vegas and speed to the studio in his yellow Corvette wearing aviator sunglasses. “It’ll be fascinating political television,” says Acosta.

Stephen takes Acosta’s lead and launches into an epic tale of Biden’s entrance, complete with explosions. He then ponders, “As long as we’re reporting breaking, up-to-the-minute fan fiction, why not speculate on other exciting potential candidates,” before imagining a new cast of characters for the debate, including Jesse Ventura, Animal from The Muppets, and the cast of Family Matters.

[iframe id=””%5D


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