The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah proves Donald Trump is an African president

[comedycentral id=”f87635fd-04ad-464b-8603-666975eb4f92″]

In perhaps his best Daily Show segment yet, Trevor Noah used a quality many looked forward to seeing after it was announced he would take over the show. That quality is his international perspective, and it was put on full display last night as he made a convincing argument that Donald Trump should be compared to African presidents. Noah led the comparison by using that great satirical device, analogy, while simply letting, as usual, the video clips make the point for him. Six out of ten Americans think Trump is unqualified for the office of president. Noah sees it differently. “For me as an African,” he said, “there’s just something about Trump that makes me feel at home.” He then played clips of Trump’s speech accusing Mexican immigrants of being rapists, and then compared that to clips of South African president Jacob Zuma, who expresses his own xenophobia. Speaking of Trump’s quotes about how vaccines cause autism, Noah asked, “Was that factual? No. But was it presidential? Depends on where you come from,” before showing the president of Gambia say he can cure AIDS using bananas. “Donald Trump is the perfect African president,” Noah said, this time comparing Trump’s braggadocio to Idi Amin’s, whose self-confident boasts sound eerily similar to Trump’s. Noah continues hammering home the comparison by showing Trump’s claims that this is our country and when he’s in office, there will be so much winning, to Rogert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, who expresses the exact same sentiments. “It’s nice to know if anything ever happens to Trump, we have a backup copy in Africa.” But there was one more African leader who Noah said Trump reminded him of. He listed the qualities: “Weird hair? Check. Lavish lifestyle? Check. Fringe, discredited views about President Obama’s origins?” before showing a clip of Moammar Gadhafi calling Obama a Muslim of Kenyan descent. Check. The resemblance is uncanny.

Watch more here.


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