Late Night Talks: Kim Davis, Planned Parenthood, and Virtual Reality

Late Night Talks is a collection of satirical moments from the previous night’s talk shows.


There are 30,000 fewer inmates now in Califronia’s prisons. “Here’s the bad news: they all escaped. And they’re in tonight’s crowd!” Pope Francis secretly met with Kim Davis. According to Conan, “At first she refused to meet with the Pope, cause she was told there’s a guy in a dress named Francis here to see you.” Donald Turmp’s wife Melania, an immigrant from Solvenia, said in an interview, “She let’s Trump be himself.” Said Conan, in return, he lets her be in America.

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Watch more here.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth took “A Closer Look” at Planned Parenthood after the organization’s president Cecile Richards was questioned for five hours at a congressional hearing Tuesday. And Seth is sure to point out, as Larry Wilmore did last night, Jason Chaffetz “made sure they used their time to ask her questions she was not allowed to answer.” A clip shows Chaffetz interrupting Richards to show her a slide with a graph that bore no logic. Then Rep. Glenn Grothman said, “As a guy” he can get medical attention anywhere. Seth was quick to point out that of all the places to use the phrase “As a guy,” this was certainly not one of them. One republican who is against abortion, who actually supports planned parenthood, though? Donald Trump.

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Watch more clips here.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

Corden dug into Facebook users last night. Facebook has gone down 3 times this week. Saying Facebook’s status has turned from “It’s working” to “It’s complicated,” Corden pointed out, “So many people had to hide in their ex’s bushes to stalk them.” And what did they miss out on? According to a stream of photos Corden shows, it was cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, and cats. He also gave a ribbing to one man who should have been happy about the problem: John Mogan of Ohio, who robbed a bank and posted photos of himself with the wad of cash in his mouth. See what Corden had to say about him below.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The New York Times did a big profile on Donald Trump in which it was revealed he only gets hours hours of sleep a night and suffers from sleep depravation. “Then again,” said pointed out, “so do most people who think about Donald Trump becoming president.

In other candidate news, Rand Paul started raising money to run for senate, and Jimmy showed his new campaign ad asking voters to support him “For President or Senator or Whatever”. Also, Jimmy talked about the Facebook hoax that warned you may need to pay money to keep your statuses private. Jimmy was excited, because, “Just for mentioning that on the show, I won a free iPad!”

[iframe id=”//”]

Watch more here.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen interviewed Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, so he focused a lot on technology, especially what some news sources are calling the Snapchat election. “And its true. Candidates appear, and before you know. They’re gone.” CNN announced they would be streaming the first Democratic debate live in virtual reality to anyone with Samsung Gear VR headset, which will allow you to watch as though you’re in the audience, and even focus on candidates who aren’t talking. Stephen mocked the news by doing what he does best: playing at excitement. “We’ve dreamed of watching Lincoln Chafee take notes,” and with this technology, ” I can summit Everest, climb on a dragon, or stand 20 feet away from Mike Huckabee.” Watch Stephen strap on the headset and get lost in a virtually mundane world.

[iframe id=”″%5D

Watch more here.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

No satire here. Just a melodic warning to selfie takers nationwide.

[iframe id=””%5D

Find more clips here.


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