Nightly & Daily: Candidates pander to youth, Obama and Putin meet

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

In a segment called Panderdemic 2016, Noah used that satirical device used ad infinitum by The Daily Show in which certain figures are made to look ridiculous by simply being shown doing ridiculous things. Here, it’s pandering to the youth. Marco Rubio says he was a West Coast hip-hop fan, and didn’t like Biggie because he was East Coast. Then Ben Carson interacts with Kanye West, who thinks he’s brilliant. “Congratulations,” says Noah, “the guy who hangs out with [the Kardashians] all day thinks you’re a genius.” Noah hits at Kanye this time, for picking the only black guy running for president despite the fact that Carson has been quoted saying hip-hop culture is deteriorating the community. Sometimes, though, Noah goes on, you find a perfect match between celebrity and politician. Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham sat down together, and couldn’t get enough of each other. But as excited as Lena was about Hillary, Hillary didn’t seem excited about Hillary. When talking about why people should vote for her over other candidates, she said, “If you can’t get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway.” Which, as Noah points, out, is the worst possible hype speech. “Are you ready for Hillary Clinton?! I know you’re not, but put your hands together anyway! The other choices are worse according to her!”

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Watch more clips here.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

Larry Wilmore discussed the UN General Assembly, which brought Obama and Putin together for the first time since the Ukraine affair. Both were focused on Syria and ISIS, but while Obama wants to overthrow both ISIS and Assad, Putin wants to use Assad to get rid of ISIS. And all three want ISIS gone. Larry pointed out the irony of the situation, saying, “The enemy of my enemy, who is also friends with another enemy, is sort of my friend. But not a close friend. Not a friend who would help you move. More like the work buddy you invite to your birthday dinner after two other people canceled.” After showing a few exchanges, and creating a White Russian metaphor, Larry points out that the two met in a secret room to talk things over. No one knows what went on in that room except a few aides, “but that did not stop telepathic Fox News from proclaiming Obama the decisive loser who embarrassed the United States.” Larry showed clips of Fox News correspondents comparing Obama to a kid that’s about to get bullied. “For a network that prides itself in its unabashed patriotism, you seem to spend a lot of energy bashing the president of the United States,” mused Larry, pointing out the irony that their hatred for Obama has made them fall in love with a man who openly hates America, before wondering if Fox News sometimes confuses its love for red states.

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Watch more clips here.


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