Nightly & Daily: Larry talks Jeb’s comments on race

In last night’s Nightly Show, Larry laid into Jeb Bush on his comments regarding race and entitlement. When asked how he expects to get the black vote, Jeb said, “Our message is one of Hope and aspiration. It isn’t one of division and ‘get in line, and we’ll take care of you with free stuff.'” Larry responds by saying, “The only time black people would have voted for free stuff, would have been for Abraham Lincoln. When the stuff they wanted to be free was themselves.” The problem, for Larry, isn’t that Jeb made those remarks, but that he continues to make such remarks, and that he’s even published such remarks in a book.

Larry almost gives him the benefit of the doubt, but Jeb can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth. In one clip, he insists, “I don’t think peple are inherently racist in this country. I think we have a pretty noble tradition of the opposite.” Anyone who remembers that this country was built by slaves might have a different view on things.

[comedycentral id=”6d36e93b-4233-4509-9bbf-2e1f20cd7889″]


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