Late Night Talks: Hillary’s Height, Boehner Bows, and Pope Departs

Late Night Talks is a daily collection of satirical moments from the previous night’s talk shows.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

To talk about Hillary’s faults, Stephen used a great satirical device that takes a simple or meaningless detail and utilizes it to point out greater concerns. Here, a simple change in Clinton’s registered height becomes fodder for so much more. When Clinton ran in 2008, she was 5’5″, but now she is registered as being 5’7″. Stephen points out that adding two inches is “a tactic normally reserved for guys on Grindr.” Calling it “Heightgazi”, he goes on to suggest this is certainly a conspiracy, but wants to focus on the real questions, like, “Is she tall enough to ride Shock Wave at six flags?” If she stays on this trajectory, Stephen suggest, “Think how big she’ll be when she gets to office. We won’t have to worry about Iran, cause mega-Hillary can swat missiles out of the sky.”

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Trump offends the world; Hillary flip flops on flip-flopping; Pope visits a prison on his way to a penal institution. Jimmy’s most satirical line compares outdated voting machines to the crumbling schools where they use them.

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Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Boehner retires to become a paint tone, Super Blood Moon is the Republican frontrunner, and Jeb Bush’s “free stuff” comment shows exactly why Republicans can’t win the black vote. Putin addressed the UN General Assembly, unfortunately, he addressed them as “My future Russians.”

[iframe id=”//″]


Conan pulls an “old switcheroony” on Congress, Donald Trump can no longer support Donald Trump, Jeb might have some trouble with Bushcare, and McDonald’s may have a polarizing new product.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live

As always, “Lie Witness News” creates a natural satire about public awareness.

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